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Rust-out Repair

Either we can make and replace just a portion of a panel or replace the whole panel in our shop.


At Autoworld that's no problem - we have a complete sheetmetal fabrication shop in house. We have plenishing hammer machines, English wheeling machines, sand and shot bags, 5' brake, box and pan brake, rolls former, 48" shear, Press brake, 20 ton and 50 ton hydraulic presses are just a few of our machines to do your job. Mig and Tig welding machines with water cooling. Stick and gas welders too. AC, DC, and plazma Arc. We do Aluminum and Stainless fabrication too. Right here in house.

Rust Removal

We do water blasting which keeps down dust and allows us to sweep up all removed paint and oxides along with dirt so it can be properly disposed of. We do this in our blasting room. We have the capabilities for Soda, Walnut hull, silica river-sand, and silica-dust for fine blasting (glass etching). We have cabnet blasters with glass bead and silica for smaller objects. We do not do large tanks and trucks and other objects larger than a  medium-sized car body. We do only the projects that we take in for restoration.

Welding and Fabrication

This is kind of rodundant as we have mantioned almost all of this above in Rust Removal. We do have many styles of welding machines and capabilities. Plazma cutting machines are in-house to sepperate sheetmetal with one machine and thicker cutting machines up to 1/2" capacity in Aluminum ands stainless materials along with red iron. We have a pattern torch and also an automated replication pantographic cutting machine. Oxy- Acetelyne, and oxy-Propane torches are available. We do not do large jobs nor have a mobile unit.